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Installation of Linux (Ubuntu) and KOHA

One of the objectives of the KNOWGATE project is to share information resources among CSIR laboratries. One way to achieve this objective is to create integrated library system (ILS).

1. Ubuntu and KOHA installation

Installation of Koha are daunting for users unaccustomed to working on the command line in UNIX-like systems. Live CD of KOHA on Ubuntu available on website. In this documentation, we install KOHA on CentOS (which a community version clone of Redhat Enterprise OS and most popular). For linux (CentOS) installation see attached linux installation documentation and download CentOS iso image or use bootable DVD. After istallation of CentOS, configure system properly and set internet connection.

Linux (Ubuntu.xx) installtion:

Latest KOHA installtion on Ubuntu:

Download install.txt ,copy all the content of install.txt and create new file with these contents named and run

KOHA other settings

After installation of KOHA to complete KOHA enable more features and see power of KOHA, there are need required do some extra configuration. By KOHA check list document confirm completion of KOHA installation and configuration. The following presentation are prepared by KNOWGATE Team for training on Open Source ILS using KOHA. Download KOHA presentation files from below Related Assets

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