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Migration from older version of DSpace to DSpace 6

One of the objectives of the KNOWGATE project is to share information resources among CSIR laboratries. One way to achieve this objective is to create institutional repositories.

Before you start your upgrade, it is strongly recommended that you create a backup of your DSpace instance and then start upgrade steps. Backups are easy to recover from; a botched install/upgrade is very difficult if not impossible to recover from. The DSpace specific things to backup are: configs, source code modifications, database, and assetstore. On your server that runs DSpace, you might additionally consider checking on your cron/scheduled tasks, servlet container, and database.

Download sample DSpace 3.2 old version of dspace populated with items and bitstreams by communities and collection. See presentation slide for automatic DSpace 5 migration steps with using DSpace 5 new features of auto-installer. See presentation slide for manually DSpace migration steps, which applicable till DSpace 4.x.

The following presentation are prepared by KNOWGATE Team for training on building institutional repositories using Open Source Repository. Download DSpace 5 presentation files from below Related Assets

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